Lest we forget the part our four-legged friends play in this season’s festivities (we wouldn’t dare!), we have fetched a few fantastic finds (cant. stop. the. alliteration) that you’re sure to dig. As for your pets? Well, it’s a good thing they don’t hold grudges. We found pet costumes, pet accessories and even some howlin’ good Halloween attire for dog lovers. So sit and stay awhile (sure, you can roll over, too) as we show you the best sites for Halloween Pet Products.

  • There is a costume to fit every dog’s (and every owner’s) personality at Modern Tails. We just couldn’t get over the Mac Daddy (shown at left) or Hippie Dog costumes. But you can also find more traditional choices there, too, like the Clown and Princess costumes.
  • If you know your dog will flat-out refuse to dress up in a costume, but you still want her to look festive, Glamour Dog has a great alternative – the Halloween Scrunchie. It will quickly and easily fit over your dog’s neck, giving her a fun and fast costume. How’s that for a compromise!?
  • If your dog won’t mind being in a full-blown jumpsuit, you have to get him the Dogzilla costume from Foxy Paws. He will be the hit of the doggy parade!
  • You know how you’re always picking up after your dog? Fur on the carpet, mud tracks on the kitchen tile, and of course, well… you know what else. How would you like your dog to be your maid for the day? Well, it’s not gonna happen. The closest you’re going to get is dressing your dog up in the Maid costume from HandsNpaws. Hey, it’s a start!

  • We’re pretty sure everyone agrees that Labradors are simply adorable, right? Well, 8 Paws Up really, really concurs, and they have a whole line of Labrador attire and accessories just for Halloween. From tank tops to greeting cards. Dog tees to pins. All with super sweet Labradors dressed for the season! Buy something for the Lab lover (or Lab!) in your life today!

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