The 2007 Pinks & BOOs Halloween Guide is an online guide of the coolest, hippest, most bewitchingly fabulous sites for Halloween costumes, apparel, accessories and invitations.

In keeping with our tradition at Pinks & Blues, where we recommend “trendy and ultra-hip family picks” daily, our 2007 Pinks & BOOs Halloween Guide features mostly “indie” designers and sites… entrepreneurs who, like us, love what they do, love what they create, but don’t have a Wal-Mart sized budget to get the word out.

So while you’re busy working, dropping the kids off at school, food shopping, making the beds, coaching a soccer league, cooking dinner, taking the dog for a walk, arranging play dates and trying to squeeze in a shower, let the Pinks & Blues Girls handle everything Halloween for you and your family (including deals and discounts). You deserve a break, mama!