Some years you have the kids’ costumes planned out months in advance. Other years… not so much. Seriously, how many sheets can you poke two eye-holes in before you cry uncle on the ghost costume!? So whether you want to go super creative, super traditional, super cute or super straightforward this year, at least you’ll definitely be one thing: prepared! Here are the best sites we found for Baby and Kid Costumes.

  • If the costumes at Sweet Noelle had cheeks (facial, that is), we would just have to squeeze ’em. These too-cute-for-words baby costumes (all one size up to 25 lbs.) will be the hit of your ‘hood. Our faves are the Baby Fireman Costume and the Baby Lobster Costume (shown above).
  • Just wait until you see the selection of styles (from newborn to 3T) at babystyle. You will be wishing you had ten more kids (sans the labor experience and midnight feedings) just so you could have an excuse to buy more costumes! We just about melted at the Little Webmaster Spider Costume for babies and toddlers, and the Silly Legs Caterpillar Bunting Costume for newborns.
  • At Baby Ultimate you can shop by price (in ascending or descending order), age (from 3 months to 12 years), brand (Disney, LeTop and Mullins Square, to name a few) or sex (we think you can crack this one on your own). Our picks? The Mullins Square Puppy Costume for babies and the Poodle Skirt Costume for girls.
  • Just a word of advice: if your aim is to scare people, you probably aren’t going to have that effect with the costumes at Take A Stroll. People are much more likely to scream, “Awww!” than “Ahhh!” at your child dressed in one of their adorable costumes (one size up to 25 lbs.), like the Monkey or Lamb Costumes.

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